Remote Outpatient Addiction Therapy

Using Confidential Videoconferencing for Outpatient Treatment

From treatment plan creation to individual & group counseling sessions, every component of our  ‘on-site’ outpatient program can be facilitated remotely via confidential video conference.

By getting remote counseling via video conference (also known as telemedicine), you can stay ‘plugged in’ to our recovery support system regularly throughout the week. You can check in from anywhere you can get online – including your cell phone.

How it Works

You will connect via an online portal that is similar to Skype or FaceTime and interact with the group (or individual) session facilitator.

For group sessions, other participants will be shown and may be from a variety of areas (and states). Once everyone is logged in, a  group counseling session can be facilitated by the lead counselor in much the same way it would happen in person.

Who Can Get Remote Outpatient Treatment?

Anyone in the United States who is invested enough in their own recovery to participate in regular online meetings with our clinical staff can take part in our remote outpatient program.

Remote outpatient treatment is great for people who are working or full time students. Other people may reside in remote areas or have commitments that make it difficult to travel to a more traditional ‘in-person’ outpatient counseling program.

The Entire Outpatient Program Can be Offered Remotely

From treatment plan creation to individual counseling, every component of our ‘on-site’ addiction treatment program can be provided remotely via telemedicine.

Coordinated Drug Testing and Satisfying Court Ordered Treatment

We can coordinate with a local laboratory provider in your area in order to verify that drug screenings are being passed. Remote outpatient drug treatment satisfies many court ordered drug and alcohol treatment requirements.

Contact Savers Medical Group for More Information 

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We are able to offer outpatient drug treatment remotely via internet access.

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