Intensive Psychiatric Addiction Care

Addiction is itself a frightening, stressful and intensely traumatic experience.  While the addictive drug of choice may relieve the physical and/or emotional pain in the beginning, in the end, living with an addiction becomes the most traumatic and painful ordeal a person can go through.

Underlying behavioral and mood disorders like generalized anxiety disorder  (GAD) and depression can present themselves which can complicate the treatment and recovery process.  By working frequently with our clients, Dr. Sam is able to monitor and respond to the progress being made.  We have created an entire continuum of care that starts with a medically monitored detox and gradually “steps down” through residential treatment and intensive outpatient treatment.

Comprehensive Recovery Tailored to Your Unique Individual Needs

There’s no such thing as a one-size fits all treatment plan. Each person is different and has special needs. We offer intense psychiatric addiction care and maintenance medications throughout your treatment along with a personalized psychosocial therapy plan to help with other related issues.

One thing that is universal though is our instilling into our patients the belief that they can and will get (and stay) sober.  Our patients respond very positively to this expectation.

Some people become addicted after taking a prescribed medication for a relatively commonplace physical injury, such as a sports injury, surgery or car accident while others turn to substance abuse to mask other serious issues such as:

• Unresolved grief
• Sexual Abuse
• LGBT-related trauma
• Co-occurring disorders

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      Recovery is Possible. Let Us Guide You  

      Addiction only gets worse as time goes by. That’s why you should contact us now if you suspect that you or a loved one has a problem. Savers Addiction Medical Group is a leading provider of prevention, education, and outpatient treatment services for alcoholism, addiction, and co-occurring mental health disorders. We can help you or a loved one recover and help your family heal, right now.

      We Have an Array of Therapies to Help You Recover and Heal

      One-on-One Counseling

      When you’re living substance-free the painful feelings you may have been masking like fear, anxiety, shame, grief and anger will rise to the surface and can seem overwhelming. However, the only path to lasting healing is for you to allow yourself to feel these emotions without self-sedating.

      Your licensed clinical therapist will meet with you regularly to help you develop strategies to process these issues and emotions in a healthy way so you can begin to truly heal. You will also meet to discuss your progress in recovery, life issues, and issues like interpersonal and family relations.

      Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

      EMDR is an integrative therapeutic technique to help patients process and resolve past trauma. EMDR has been shown in clinical studies to heal both single and multiple trauma episodes of PTSD, so that patients were able to achieve recovery from traumatic life experiences which it was believed it would take years to completely heal from in a few EMDR sessions.

      Somatic Experiencing

      This technique to heal from past trauma focuses on re-experiencing the trauma in your physical being, allowing yourself to fully process the physical feelings related to past trauma then releasing the energy stuck in our bodies from the trauma to regain a normal physical balance. The goal of somatic experiencing is to release negative energy from past trauma so that when events happen in life that remind you of the original trauma you do not re-experience symptoms caused by that unprocessed energy which was trapped in your body from the initial trauma.

      Group Therapy

      Group therapy allows you the opportunity to meet regularly with others in recovery, learn from each other, hold each other accountable and help each other heal. All groups are guided by a licensed therapist. Some of the healing techniques offered in group therapy include

      • Somatic experiencing
      • Mindfulness
      • Process Groups
      • Setting healthy boundaries
      • Skills to cope with feelings and trauma

      Along with psychiatric counseling and individual and group therapy, we offer an array of healing activities which can help you to regain the joy of living, including
      • Yoga
      • Art therapy
      • Music therapy
      • Meditation and focused breathing

      Family Treatment Groups

      When one family member suffers from addiction all are affected. Because of this, it is crucial to offer recovery and healing to the entire family group. By supporting the entire family in the healing process, the patient’s chances to achieve long-term recovery and stability are greatly improved. Our family therapy includes group therapy and referrals to ongoing individual counseling. We help family members to understand addiction, avoid blaming, and to also avoid actions that enable the addicted loved one to continue using without facing consequences.

      Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment Can Accommodate Your Schedule

      For those patients who must return to work and family responsibilities soon after completing their initial detox and inpatient programs, our intensive outpatient treatment options include day and evening treatment plans. Our goal is to make it possible for you to receive the help you need in the best way possible.


      Meet Dr. SamDr. Samer Moghaddam

      I have spent years working in the field of addiction treatment and I understand how all-encompassing the illness of addiction frequently becomes. Addiction affects all aspects of a person’s life—physical and emotional health, spirituality, family relations, professional life, career goals and personal friendships.

      The most devastating effect addiction has is on the addicted person’s self worth. It’s disheartening and scary, and people who suffer from addiction begin to lose all hope, all joy in life, and all value of themselves as human beings.

      If there’s one principle I believe in passionately it’s that each human being is special and irreplaceable. It is my life’s work to use my medical training, skill and experience to assist those who come to me for help with an addiction to recover totally, to heal and go forward as the person they are meant to be, of unique value in themselves and as members of their families and our community. When you come to Savers Addiction Medical Group we make your successful recovery our mission and we are fully dedicated to your ongoing safety, restoration and healing.

      Dr. Samer Moghaddam

      CEO and Founder, Savers Medical Group

      Dr. Sam has been specialized in addiction treatment for several years and brings to his practice many years of experience doing internal medicine, critical care medicine, pulmonary medicine, and surgery.

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