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People become dependent on prescription drugs in a number of ways. Frequently, people take more of the medication than was prescribed and this can happen for a variety of reasons. Some people want a stronger dose than what’s prescribed or they feel that their medication isn’t working right anymore and if they take more it will work better. If their doctor doesn’t up the dosage they do it themselves. People even go to several doctors to obtain more of the prescription drug they’re dependent on. Some people become addicted to a prescription medication they obtained illicitly on the street or by raiding someone’s medicine cabinet.

However it happened, once you become physically and psychologically dependent on a prescription drug it’s difficult to stop using. Withdrawal is usually painful and can be dangerous or even deadly. The safest and surest way to get off the drug is a medically-monitored withdrawal in a detoxification treatment unit staffed by skilled, caring professionals who will create a strategy specific to your unique physical and psychosocial condition. Each patient is different and there are no adequate one-size fits all treatment programs.

At Savers Addiction Medical Group we will meet with you during intake to determine what your unique situation is. During the intake process we will create a medical withdrawal treatment strategy that is tailored to your specific physical and psychosocial condition and your unique needs. Our goal is to provide you with the very best help available to ensure your complete physical and psychosocial recovery, safety, and ongoing health.

What Prescription Meds Will Savers Addiction Detox Unit Help Me to Withdraw From?

At Savers Addiction we treat all prescription drug dependency. Our staff includes dedicated addiction professionals with years of experience successfully helping people recover from substance abuse. A few commonly addictive prescription medications that we see frequently include

• Opioids such as Oxycontin and Vicodin (we provide MAT when indicated)
• Stimulants such as Ritalin, Adderall and Dexedrine
• Anti-anxiety meds such as Xanax, Valium and Klonopin

The above lists just a few of the prescription drug dependencies we treat and is by no means all-inclusive. Many of our patients come to us with a multiple-substance problem, for instance alcohol, Dexedrine and Xanax. Or maybe you’re addicted to a prescription opioid such as Vicodin and also use heroin or alcohol as backups when you can’t get any Vicodin. Whatever your unique situation, we will help you withdraw safely, recover completely and go forward with a healthy life free of substance abuse.

What Can I Expect at Savers Addiction Prescription Drug Detox?

During intake you will undergo a complete physical examination and meet with an intake specialist to assess your condition and specific physical and sociological needs. We will ask you a series of questions regarding what prescription drugs you are taking, and any other substances you use. We’ll ask you about co-occurring conditions and your medical history. Although your physical exam will reveal a lot, it’s very important to answer the questions during intake as truthfully as you can. This allows our staff to plan the best strategy to help you withdraw from all harmful substances safely. We will answer your questions and help you to understand what you can expect during withdrawal.

Onset of acute withdrawal can happen rapidly or may take as long as a week. Acute withdrawal is the stage that is the most dangerous and uncomfortable. Withdrawal symptoms vary widely and depend on many factors such as what drugs you’ve been taking and for how long, what your physical condition is and other co-occurring illnesses. Depending on which substances you’ve been taking and other medical factors, it may be necessary to administer other medications or medical treatment during withdrawal to ensure your physical safety and keep you as comfortable as possible. For some prescription meds such as opioids, you may need to transition to a maintenance medication (MAT) once withdrawal begins.

Whatever the best options are for you, we’ll help you to understand what to expect and will stay with you throughout the process to answer any questions you may have, keep you safe and as comfortable as possible.

Prescription drug detoxification can cause dangerous physical complications and should be medically supervised.

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      Savers Addiction Intensive Inpatient Treatment Program

      Once you’re stabilized and have gone through the acute withdrawal phase, we strongly recommend you transfer to Intense Inpatient Treatment. This program, which usually lasts for around 30 days, allows you to begin individual and group therapy to address the issues which led to your substance addiction. Along with beginning your recovery journey in a community of peers who are going through a similar struggle, the inpatient treatment allows our staff of doctors, psychiatrists, therapists and other addiction support professionals to continue to monitor your physical and psychosocial condition and administer additional treatment and help. Our goal is to provide you with the ongoing holistic treatment and support you will need to successfully recover and go forward on a healthy path.

      Savers Addiction Outpatient Treatment Program

      When you are ready to reenter the community we recommend outpatient treatment for the first few months or however long you need it. By participating in ongoing therapy and support with the same medical and therapeutic team who have been with you from the beginning and understand your unique situation you will be giving yourself the strongest foundation possible for continued recovery. Our goal is to give you all the help and support you will need to go forward in a healthy, productive and joyful life. If you’re looking for the very best help and support you can get, Savers Addiction Prescription Drug Detox, Intensive, and Outpatient Treatment provides the best ongoing holistic treatment available anywhere.

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