A New Design for Treating Addiction

Savers Medical Group was created to treat those who are struggling with an addiction and want to break the cycle of abuse. The doctors and medical personnel who facilitate treatment provide ongoing close psychiatric support during early sobriety. The highly monitored first weeks of residential treatment then transition into regular follow up visits with “Dr. Sam” so he can monitor progress and manage the prescription of medications, if necessary.

A Continuum of Care that Works

For many years, addiction was treated by entering the individual into  a 28 day intensive treatment program that was followed by a discharge and very little clinical follow-up.  Knowing what we know now about addiction, it is not surprising that this model frequently ended with an eventual relapse from the lack of continued clinical support.

By offering frequent ongoing psychiatric assessment and monitoring, including prescription medications (in some cases), Savers Medical Group provides the support that adult men & women need to change their lives by living drug and alcohol free.

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    Recovery is Possible. Let Us Guide You  

    Addiction only gets worse as time goes by. That’s why you should contact us now if you suspect that you or a loved one has a problem. Savers Addiction Medical Group is a leading provider of prevention, education, and outpatient treatment services for alcoholism, addiction, and co-occurring mental health disorders. We can help you or a loved one recover and help your family heal, right now.

    Change Your Mind, Change Your Heart

    I am Dr. Sam and I understand what you are going through. At my practice we provide answers that save lives.

    Through many years of treating those struggling with addiction, I have come to the realization that most who need my help are operating under many false pretenses about why they or their loved one are addicted to drugs (or alcohol).

    When someone who is physically and mentally addicted to substances like alcohol or heroin gets the medical support they need to adjust to a routine which helps them thrive in abstinence, they can make lasting change.

    The key is to have skilled clinicians work closely with the recovering individual to continually monitor their progress and reinforce positive change. Our team builds rapport with our patients and explains that we know that they can get and stay sober and in fact we expect them to. Our patients respond well to this kind of expectation.

    There is a wealth of evidence-based processes available today that we use to facilitate long-term change, including the use of medication to manage cravings and prevent relapse.

    I have felt the call to practice addiction medicine after many years of practicing internal medicine and specializing in other areas like critical care medicine, pulmonary medicine, and surgery.

    There is nothing better in my life than helping people make the transition from hopeless drug use to thriving in a life of recovery. It is possible, and we have seen some of the ‘toughest cases’ come around in our care.

    The road is not always easy but it is actually quite simple. We are here to help you when you are ready. We can help provide the clinical support that will allow you to move toward living life free of drugs or alcohol for the long term.

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    Our Community and Family Member’s Lives are at Stake

    For too long, drug abusing individuals have not been adequately supported by the healthcare system and frequently become mired in the legal system. They receive punishment that exacerbates their difficulties instead of treatment that facilitates healing and behavioral change.

    As record numbers of Americans misuse medications like opioids, millions have become mentally and physically addicted to drugs and the damage done to our families and communities as a result is tremendous. Some users use methadone to support opiate abstinence, but this drug also comes with dangers and side effects.

    The Disease Model of Addiction

    Addiction was once perceived as a weakness in character but is now widely understood to be a natural response to genetic and environmental factors. The medical community has universally accepted that addiction is a disease, but  traditional hospitals have not caught up with this thinking and they are not designed for the type of comprehensive & regular treatment that newly sober individuals require.

    Traditional short-term rehabs have also proven largely ineffective, especially with regard to the period after discharge when the recovering person is vulnerable to relapse as they face the ongoing challenges and stressors of life without adequate clinical and emotional Support

    A Focus on Living Long-Term Without Using

    When the patient realizes they just have to live sober for today, then life becomes less overwhelming and  incremental changes seem possible. If a regimen of medication supports someone’s early recovery, then it is worth it in order allow the newly sober individual to obtain the goals they have set out to achieve.

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    We are here to help, no matter what your situation. If it is yourself or a loved one who is in need of treatment, call us at 714-760-4043 so that we can make a confidential assessment of your situation and help you understand what your options are. Our caring intake team is standing by, call us today and step away from addiction and pain and toward healing and recovery.

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